Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thirsty V8

You know the car that always makes you tap the breaks when you approach it. It can also be the car that you drove in high school or the same kind your grandparents currently cruise in on a Sunday drive. It might have leather, ride very smooth, possess all the gadgets that make a ride as comfortable as possible. It also has a powerful engine but is not very sporty or have much get up and go. It is a crown vic. Yes, I am currently, not by choice or any action of my own, riding in crown vic for a week. It is very comfortable and has lots of room but does not have very much eye appeal. Matt has proven to display some of his rookie moves in making car rental reservations. As we walked by an Impala, Subaru Tribeca and some more appealing cars, I stared upon our white crown vic. I am confident that several funnay stories will come from our experience in this giant car. Also keep in mind that gas is at a rate of $2.65+ per gallon so it will be interesting to see how thirsty this V8 will be.

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