Monday, October 15, 2007

Good from Oklahoma

There is something good that comes out of Oklahoma. First, my wife grew up there and her family still lives there. Second, the Oklahoma State Comboys really did me a favor by providing me with some joy. They beat the downward spiraling Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln, NE on Homecoming. Finally, the state of Oklahoma has reunited me with one of the finer items in life, Altoids. Not just the original Altoid or the new chocolate covered Altoids that are available at any store but the ever so delightful cinnamon Altoid. At a newly constructed Reasor's grocery store in Owasso my wife located a tin of the refreshing breath mints and brought them home. The mints are still in the perfectly designed container awaiting the perfect moment to release their aroma and satisfy months of separation from my tastebuds. Many good things come from Oklahoma so it is worthy to mention them today and as often as needed.

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